Supplication to Gaia

In ‘Supplication to Gaia’, Robyn Francis takes you on a journey of music, spoken word and images exploring our relationship with the earth– of inspiration, despair, hope and empowerment. Robyn weaves powerful poetic imagery in a moving appeal to all to tread lightly on the earth. Please share this video with your friends or embed on your blog/website .

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[blockquote class=”default”]
I am one with the earth
My blood is your rivers,
Your mountains my body
The mystery of your enchantment thralls the essence of my soul

Bound to life, I breathe the breath of your winds
Bound to die, your arms will enfold me in earth sleep
Reuniting with the elements to give life to new forms
Rising again as tall trees kissing the sun
Dancing the moonlight
Shedding tears of joy with the raindrops
You ripple the waters of my awareness
Your ocean currents swell with my desire
To envelope your beauty

Father sky embrace me
Sister moon grace me
Starlight enchant me
Mother, restore me to your being

I feel your pain the aching hurt
The cry of your oceans dying
The cracking of your ice mantles,
The rending of your heavens
And scaring of your flesh
The severance of your forests green
The thirst of your rivers running dry
The tears of rage in hurricane
And shudders of your quaking heartbreak
The rising fever of our greed

Brothers, sisters, hear the call
The awakening earth
Arises within you
Her plea summons all
to surrender to the beauty of her bounty…
Conjoining, immersing, reconverging with the source,
the essence within all beings, all life, all form

Nemesis arises –
the future-eating nightmare of our wanton gluttony
shatters the earths green dream asunder.

Give us the wisdom to tread lightly upon you
Unveil our eyes to read your sacred landscapes
Guide our hands to heal your wounds,
plant the forests new, restore the garden
Grant us the generosity to give and receive in equilibrium
Open our hearts to immerse our spirits in your mystery –
resonating radiance of life within all elements, all beings
Reawaken our memories to the ancestral dreamings
from the dawning to the end of time
Reunited with the mother, one people, one planet one earth
One earth – Gaia
Freya – Daear – Maya
One earth – Gaia[/blockquote]

Credits and Acknowledgements
Words and music © Robyn Francis 2007, Dancing the Windstreams album.
Photography & video production: Robyn Francis, released January 27, 2009.

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