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The new updated edition of Robyn Francis’ Bushfood Cookbook was released in 2013

Robyn Francis has published a number of small practical books, countless articles, course handbooks for training, Celtic Eighfold Year Garden Chart posters, and is a contributing author to several books. She was editor of the Permaculture International Journal (PIJ) for 6 years 1987-1993, taking the publication from a small print-run subscription-only magazine to a 20,000 print-run newstand magazine with national distribution. In the days before the world wide web and internet communications, the PIJ was the leading national and international voice of permaculture.


Bushfoods Cookbook – a gourmet gardener’s guide by Robyn Francis, Revised edition 2013, 1st edition 2001

Natural Cleaning – for the kitchen, bathroom, personal hygiene & skin care by Robyn Francis, 2013

Mandala Gardens by Robyn Francis, 1992 (out of print. e-version to be released 2014)

Contributing author: Permaculture Pioneers: stories from the new frontier 

Contributing author: Designing Ecological Habitats – Creating a sense of Place  Download here

Articles by Robyn Francis:

Permaculture College Australia  has a selection of timeless articles on permaculture written by Robyn Francis

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