Robyn Francis Consulting & Design – introduction

Creative Solutions for a Post Carbon World

Robyn Francis has designed and consulted on hundreds of projects locally and internationally for over 3 decades, from edible landscapes and rural properties to ecovillage developments, community projects to corporate and government sectors. This work has included master planning,  strategic frameworks, landscape concepts, community and participatory design facilitation, integrated social design and governance.

Visionary, yet with practical realism, Robyn Francis has a unique capacity to cut through to the core issues and essence of a project or situation to facilitate achievable outcomes and strategies for sustainable solutions which meet ecological, social, cultural and economic objectives.

Major projects have included:

Wutong Project, Shenzhen, China

Eco-learning Centre, Ubud, Bali

Ecorecreational Reserve, Nusa Jaya, Malaysia

Aquarius Village Landscape Concepts, Nimbin

Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet, Nimbin

Djanbung Gardens, Nimbin

Nimbin Sense of Place

Abiantap Centre Bali

Bellamar Gardens, Matanzas, Cuba

Rural Residential Planning Guidelines



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