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Robyn Francis is an inspiring and skilled educator, passionate about empowering people to solve problems in a practical and creative way, regenerate their environments, build resilient communities and create abundance while caring for the earth. Based on the earthcare ethics and ecological principles permaculture can be readily applied and adapted to specific cultures and climates.

Robyn Francis has been developing and delivering permaculture training throughout Australia and internationally since 1984, and is regarded as one of permaculture’s leading and most experienced educators and practitioners. She has taught hundreds of courses including the classic PDC, advanced and specialist courses for professional development, as well as fulltime Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) Certificate III, IV and Diploma. Many highly respected permaculture teachers and presenters have undertaken training with Robyn Francis including Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, Costa Georgiadis, Morag Gambol, Darren Dougherty, John Champagne and Steve Cran.

Robyn Francis is the founder and principal of Permaculture College Australia, developing curricula and programs, and senior trainer-assessor for the APT Certificate IV and Diploma program at Djanbung Gardens.  Her annual schedule includes limited periods for travelling to teach intensive courses elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

Overseas work has involved teaching PDCs, advanced courses, teacher training, professional development and consultation in Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, USA, Cuba, Germany and France, many of which have involved working with translators.


Curricula development

Francis develops her own curricula including the PDC curriculum (based on the original PDC guidelines by Bill Mollison); Advanced Design Skills; Creative Community Facilitation, Social Permaculture Masterclass; Permaculture Aid and Development Work; Permaculture Teacher Training; Edible Landscape Design; Sustainable Settlements and Ecovillage Design; Growing Abundance for Food Security; plus numerous short courses and workshops. Curricula and course content is being continuously improved and updated with the latest research and developments in earth sciences, social ecology, permaculture and sustainability practices.


Educational materials

Francis develops her own educational materials and resources including course handbooks, interactive course activities and games, creative and inspiring powerpoint presentations and other student support materials.  The Robyn Francis PDC  handbooks has been translated into Mandarin, French, and is currently being translated into Czech.

For courses with Robyn Francis in at Djanbung Gardens please check out the Permaculture College Australia website:  PDCs  •  Advanced Courses & Professional Development  •  Accredited Permaculture Training  •  Short Courses and Workshops

Recent and upcoming overseas engagements


China: October 1-15 in Shenzhen, PDC, translated into Mandarin


China: October 2013, PDC, translated into Mandarin

Cuba: November 2013, Keynote presentation IPC11, International Permaculture Conference, Havana


New Zealand: April 11-15 Keynote presentation at APC11 Australiasian Permaculture Convergence

TAIWAN: June 2012, PDC with Robyn Francis & Earthpassengers team (translated into Mandarin)

GERMANY: August 2-4, 2012, Keynote speaker at EuPC European Permaculture Convergence

FRANCE: August 7-22, 2012: PDC with Robyn Francis, bi-lingual (English with French translation)

FRANCE: August 25-26, 2012: Social Permaculture Masterclass

BALI: November 2012, PDC with Robyn Francis (translated into Indonesian)

North America Tour 2009 Itinerary

May 30-June 14: PDC – Permaculture Design Course (with Penny Livingston, Darren Doherty & guests Starhawk, Jon Young and James Stark)
Regenerative Design Institute, Bolinas, CA, USA
June 17-Jul 3 Cuba-Australia Permaculture Exchange: CAPE Meetings with Foundation for Nature & Humanity, Havana, Cuba, appraisal of post-hurricane recovery, needs and ongoing support.
Jul 5-8 Advanced Design Skills – Beyond the PDC
Regenerative Design Institute, Bolinas, CA, USA
Jul 11-24 PDC – Permaculture Design Course (with Kat Steele & Warren Brush)
Quail Springs, CA, USA http://www.quailsprings.org
Jul 27 – Aug 6 Cultural Diversity/Sustainable Aid Course
Facilitating Resilient Community Development in Areas of Need, Permaculture for 2/3rds World, Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Communities
Quail Springs, CA, USA http://www.quailsprings.org
Aug 8 Presentation: One-Earth Footprint – Learning from Cuba’s Experience
Discover the key factors enabling Cuba to survive collapse, live within its ecological footprint, and how this relates to Permaculture & Transition design.
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, Santa Barbara CA, USA
Aug 8-22 Tour North-west USA contact:

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