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Initiating and developing community gardens, transition towns and community sustainability programs is a people-oriented process that requires not only organisational skills but a diverse ‘tool kit’ for inclusive community facilitation. Permaculture College Australia specialises in training community facilitators as effective agents of change.

The community garden movement is taking off in NSW with a growing number of initiatives throughout the Sydney metropolis, regional cities and rural towns. The NSW north coast region has projects at various stages of planning and implementation in Lismore, Mullumbimby, Ballina and Coffs Harbour to name a few. While most community gardens and farms start as grassroots community initiatives, in the past many have struggled to gain support from local government – this is beginning to change.

Local government and planners are now starting realise the potential of community gardens and farms as a valuable and viable use of public land and are actively supporting community initiatives in this area. These projects are seen as an important way to build resilience into our communities, for skills sharing, food security and bringing people together for meaningful recreation and conviviality. An indicator of this shift is the recent announcement of the CITY OF SYDNEY in March 2010 to adopt “a policy on community gardening that offers the potential for collaboration with community-based and other food-oriented organisations as well as community gardens.” (see article: Innovative policy on community gardening adopted by City of Sydney)

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